Red Ant is a Technical Agency.

We create & build exceptional digital products. These live as web sites, in mobile apps, and in social networks.

Why work with us?

Red Ant is a leading technical agency. We’re building the digital products and platforms that excite and delight users. And deliver the goods.

Our core team of 35 is very experienced, working on large scale, high traffic projects. We use technologies like Ruby on Rails and Angular JS, and apply the Agile project management methodology.

We function as a digital CTO to your business. We plan KPIs, develop road maps, and execute complex technical projects.

Ruby on Rails

The efficient way to build modern digital products.

You might have heard of Ruby on Rails – it’s a “development framework” which makes designing and building modern web sites and digital products more efficient. Ruby on Rails is a popular choice for building modern, interactive web sites and apps. While it takes a higher level of developer skill than some other options, the results are quite remarkable.

Ruby on Rails speeds up many of the simple tasks, and allows for extremely rapid creation of prototypes and working code. It also has embedded “best practices”, so you’re not relying on the whim of a particular developer. Within Rails there are strong conventions that have been developed to follow best practice. Of course, having a smart developer is critical, and Rails allows them to translate ideas and concepts quickly and efficiently.

Working in an Agile fashion, we can create code that can then be reviewed that day. We might be heading in the right direction, or it might need to behave differently. Rapid change and evolution is a good thing. Using Ruby on Rails facilitates this.

Ruby on Rails also helps us create very high quality code. Each part of code has a series of Automated Tests. These perform checks to make sure that feature is working as it should. These get run every time a change is made. By doing this, we know that one change hasn’t broken something else. As soon as anything breaks or changes, our Continuous Integration server lets us know and the code is fixed.

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A digital product in the health and fitness area which has been incredibly popular, changing thousands of lives. Every second person we meet seems to either be doing it or know someone that is a raving fan.
Packed full of amazing features, dynamic user segmentation… oh shut up already. This box can’t do 12WBT justice – it is truly an amazing digital product.

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Screenshot of 12WBT site

LinkedIn is for what you’ve done. PlanDo is for managing what you want to be. We’ve been helping Plando build a career management platform that will shakeup the world of employment and careers by giving individuals the tools to manage their own careers.

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Screenshot of PlanDo

Yes, Huggies like in the nappies you put on babies. Try searching for anything baby or child related, and you’ll probably end up on a Huggies page. So much more than a brand site for Nappies – everything you need to know if you’re the proud owner of a 0-5y. Or you’re pregnant. Close to half the Mums in Australia are members, so we must be doing something right.

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Screenshot of 12WBT site

What we do

Insight Development


  • Technical development
  • Mobile apps & sites
  • Content management
  • Big data tools & analysis
  • Digital road mapping
  • Process planning
  • Continuous integration
  • Analytics & KPI planning
  • Ecommerce
  • Membership systems
  • Social apps
  • Agile project management

AngularJS and PJAX

Delivering incredibly fast pages.

Have you noticed that some sites you use have become incredibly fast? So fast they almost don’t feel like a normal web site? Try typing in a search term to Google – you’ll see suggested results popping up almost immediately. They feel more like an application running on your computer rather than a web site. Welcome to the page speed arms race.

The technology behind this is something called PJAX. Each page you click on on a regular web site means a new page is delivered into your browser. PJAX pages are different – each new page isn’t actually a whole new page, but instead only the new content is squirted into the previous page. This is very efficient, and can travel from the server to your browser very quickly. So what should take a second or so can now happen in the blink of an eye.

There are a few different flavours of PJAX technology. We use AngularJS, which is backed by Google. We’ve found it has allowed us to radically optimise our technical development process. Not only can we build amazingly interactive and fast experiences, our development teams enjoy a better workflow. The projects we build tend to be quite big and complex, but with AngularJS we’re able to easily break up development effort into back end and front end teams. This reduces complexity, and has also allowed our teams to improve Automatic Test coverage and reduce risk.

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