Agile Project Management
and Development

Agile is a project management and development process that promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, and rapid flexible response to change. We think it’s pretty great.

As an Agile team, we focus on delivering working software rather than comprehensive documentation (because let’s be honest, there’s no point in creating massive spec documents that no one reads). Agile also gives us a mechanism for ongoing collaboration with our customers.
Some of our favourite Agile processes and tools include:

Ben Still 23 Oct 2013

The perils of ecommerce. Objects may appear larger and better than they actually are

Ever bought something online that wasn’t what you thought it was?

Ben Still 25 Jan 2012

Jira priorities- the story of Team Six and The Iceberg

Seal teams, titanic sinkers and our prioritization ratings.

Jesse Noble 19 Jan 2011

Benchmarking the perfect project- what makes one project better than another

A few months ago, we started working with a project management coach. Here’s what happened.

Jesse Noble 18 Nov 2010

The story behind our Wallboard

Whiteboards are out, wallboards are in. Also, vote for us!

Ben Still 09 Jul 2009

How we Wiki

Red Ant + clients + Wiki = awesome knowledge collaboration and sharing.

Ben Still 13 Jun 2009

Tracking stuff – part one

Bugs, no body likes them, everyone has to deal with them. Here’s how we’ve tried tracking ours so far.