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Sam Bauers

Sam Bauers 21 Mar 2014

What we've been working on- Helping PlanDo redefine career

The world of employment and careers is due for a shakeup. We've been helping Plando build a career management platform that we think will fundamentally change the careers landscape.

Sam Bauers 16 Jan 2014

MySQL SVN Backup- A simple solution for small databases

A common pain point when using databases like MySQL on small projects is a simple way of managing backups. Here is a solution we’ve created.

Sam Bauers 16 Dec 2013

Cache busting Gmail’s new image caching

This week, GMail announced images are on by default. If you’re a marketer, you might have seen some posts about how exciting this is that we can now track emails again.

Sam Bauers 03 Aug 2012

Which Shopify account is the best value for money?

Shopify for e-commerce - we looked into this as part of a recent assesment.

Sam Bauers 30 Mar 2012

Bypassing the sign up hurdle with super-soft joins

How we use super-soft joins to interact with users on personal subjects.

Sam Bauers 28 Mar 2012

Manage SSL redirection in Nginx using maps, and save the universe

Solutions to simple yet common and frustrating problems. We spill the beans on how we do it.