Lean Development

In a nutshell, Lean Development is about eliminating waste, maximising learnings, empowering the team and building integrity into projects. Lean development and the agile methodology go hand in hand in a lot of ways. For example, lean development acknowledges that uncertainty is a natural part of development, and the agile framework allows for constant adjustments as events unfold and circumstances change. Perfect.

Ruby on Rails is also a great fit for lean development. Having a whole team working “the Rails way” and adhering to curated technology decisions means we save a lot of time and effort that used to get spent arguing over the best way to approach a task.

Ben Still 25 Mar 2014

Defining a Digital Product

One of the things we focus on is developing Digital Products. These are websites that provide some form of utility to users – these allow people to “do” stuff

Sam Bauers 21 Mar 2014

What we’ve been working on- Helping PlanDo redefine career

The world of employment and careers is due for a shakeup. We’ve been helping Plando build a career management platform that we think will fundamentally change the careers landscape.

Ben Still 10 Apr 2013

Getting more efficient with our Ruby on Rails projects

“convention over configuration”. How to improve team effectiveness and quality.