Our approach

We create and build exceptional digital products.
These live as web sites, in mobile apps, and in social networks.

Insight Development

What is a Digital Product?

Digital Products are websites or apps that provide some form of utility to users. These allow people to “do” stuff. Unlike a static site, which might be used for marketing a product or service, these sites are themselves the product or service. They help users learn new things, store information, or interact with others. Digital Products tend to be fairly dynamic, customising the experience and content based on that user. More on defining a digital product.

Core skills

  • Technical development
  • Mobile apps & sites
  • Content management
  • Big data tools & analysis
  • Digital road mapping
  • Content Marketing
  • Continuous integration
  • Analytics & KPI planning
  • Ecommerce
  • Membership systems
  • UX and site design
  • Agile project management

…which become

  • Web sites
  • Mobile sites
  • Social apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital road maps
  • Digital strategy
  • Data report dashboards