Huggies Baby Name Finder

Baby Name finder

The Baby Name finder is an AJAX tool that helps you look up baby names, as well as create a list of favourites to share. We referenced these names against names that members had already chosen for their children – so if you’re thinking about Joshua, we can show you the ten most popular sibling names from families that already have a Joshua.



A redesign project for the mighty Ultraserve, done in Ruby using Radiant as the CMS.

Mums & Bubs TV

Mums and Bubs

Another Huggies project- This has been / is quite a large project, involving the coordination of web site content and a TV schedule, as well as live chat and regular updates. Also includes a large consumer promotion, where you can win a pretty nice looking Volvo.


Orix web site

We’re thrilled to see this project go live! With operations in 23 countries and regions worldwide, ORIX’s activities include leasing, corporate finance, real estate-related finance and development, life insurance, and investment and retail banking.

Please be sure to stop by the Novated Lease Calculator, and the wondrous accordion FAQs

Oxfam Trailwalker

Oxfam Trailwalker

A dotNet project with extensive javascript and AJAX, we’re working together with the Oxfam team to build this application for the Trailwalker project.

Kleenex Cottonelle

Kleenex Cottonelle site

The Puppy gets a new site!

INO Therapeutics Clinical Trial Site

INO Therapeutics site#

An extranet application for managing clinical trials for INO Therapeutics, with secure document library and user management. This was built with Ruby on Rails, with a design by our award winning Mr Kap.

Wondersoft Design Competition

Wondersoft site

Voting has just finished on this small interactive tool that we created to allow people to vote on their favourite design by primary school children- something which turned out to be incredibly popular with tens of thousands of people voting in a day.

Books Alive

Books Alive site

Another Ruby on Rails and Radiant project, but this one is just a prelude to the much larger site that we’re beavering away at right now. The preview site contains a useful countdown, so you know exactly how many sleeps to go until the big site goes live.

image credit: Sancho McCann