Project Description

Need to take your customer engagement to the next level? Take a look at how Huggies is dominating the pregnancy and parenting category by building a site with over 42,000 pages of content, plus lots of interactive tools and member features for over 600,000 members.

We’ve been working on this site since 2005, and have recently relaunched with a new design, more features and a stronger SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) focus.

  • Interactive tools that connect with social networks
  • Membership system that connects with competition and sampling system
  • A large and engaged online community
  • Responsive mobile design

Huggies knew they could create an amazing customer experience by developing an informative and fun parenting website. A trusted source to help answer the hundred of questions and concerns that are on the minds of all new parents.

When we started working with the Huggies team we realised that a robust content management system was required to allow the team to make quick updates to site content. This means content could grow quickly (key for good SEO results). We also built a new promotion tool. This meant that the Huggies team could quickly set up and run their own web promotions. Rather than contract a promotions company to run a promotion, they could do it internally.

The combination of lots of content, great tools and generous promotions resulted in a lot more traffic to the site (now over a million visits per month). What needed one server now needed quite a few. And then a few more. In 2011 there was a Volvo car to win, which resulted in over 300,000 entries – one of the most popular online promotions in Australia ever.

Bits we’re especially proud of:

  • soft join process – a quick and easy join process means becoming a member is pretty easy. Try it out for yourself. The soft join works when joining, asking a question or entering a promotion.
  • seamless sign on – there are actually three different applications that then talk to a separate legacy membership database. One ring to rule them all!
  • the baby name finder tool
  • the virtual nursery decorator
  • the blogs
  • a very popular kids birthday cake gallery

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Project Detail

  • Client: Huggies Australia & New Zealand
  • Date: 2005 – present
  • Project URL: