Project Description

The age of the Influencer is upon us. Over the past few months we’ve worked with Australian startup TRIBE to deliver a platform to help Brands connect with Influencers in the social space.

We were asked to build an iOS app that would let Influencers submit content to social media campaigns they were a close fit with, and to provide an interface for Brands to generate and moderate these campaigns.

At the core of the platform, is the ability for an Influencer to get paid for posts they push to their social media platforms. As this was a fundamental part of the puzzle, our work started by building out a system to allow an Influencer to associate their social login with their TRIBE account. They can connect via FB, Twitter or Instagram, and associate all their pages into the one account.

When a Brand makes a campaign, they determine which social networks they want to target, and by which type of Influencer. An Influencer responds to a campaign by submitting a post from the iOS app, nominating how much they would like to get paid. The Brand in turn either approves or declines the post. After a post is approved, an Influencer can publish to their social feed from within the app, and subsequently gets paid the nominated amount.

As part of the project development, Red Ant pressure tested the underlying business model, helping streamline aspects of it along the way to make sure the project remained focussed on the philosophy of TRIBE, not just the technology.

Project Detail

  • Project: Tribe iOS App
  • Date: 2015