Devops and Ruby on Rails

Sam Bauers 16 Jan 2014

MySQL SVN Backup- A simple solution for small databases

A common pain point when using databases like MySQL on small projects is a simple way of managing backups. Here is a solution we’ve created.

Ben Still 07 Apr 2013

Testing web projects

One of the things we’ve started doing quite differently over the last few years is how we test our web projects

Ben Still 25 Sep 2012

Vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning software Ruby on Rails analysis

Sam Bauers 28 Mar 2012

Manage SSL redirection in Nginx using maps, and save the universe

Solutions to simple yet common and frustrating problems. We spill the beans on how we do it.

Ben Still 24 Feb 2012

How a project gets tested and deployed with GitFlow

GitFlow is the way of the future. Find out why and how here.

Ben Still 02 Aug 2009

Why we use Ruby on Rails

We do a lot of work with a programming language called Ruby on Rails. This is why.