Ruby on Rails

Ben Still 02 Jan 2014

What we’ve been working on- Developing 12WBT for the USA

We’ve been working on building the Michelle Bridges 12WBT platform in Australia for several years. A shiny new US version of the platform which launched this week.

Ben Still 19 Dec 2013

The WordPress Effect

The growth of tools like Wordpress have had a massive impact on the web development market. It’s created two very distinct areas with a huge gap between.

Ben Still 10 Apr 2013

Getting more efficient with our Ruby on Rails projects

"convention over configuration". How to improve team effectiveness and quality.

Ben Still 22 Sep 2010

Our recent interactive tools

Who doesn’t like to be out in the sun, gardening and getting your fingers all green? Well now you can do all that from the comfort of your living room!

Ben Still 18 May 2010

Webby awards honoree for tails for whales

The Tails for Whales site has been selected as an honoree for the Webby Awards.

Ben Still 02 Aug 2009

Why we use Ruby on Rails

We do a lot of work with a programming language called Ruby on Rails. This is why.

Ben Still 31 Jul 2009

Multi-variate testing

Lately, we’ve been doing quite a bit of work on sites which involve multi-variate (MV) testing

Ben Still 30 Jul 2009

Refactoring a design

We’ve recently spent some time adding some new features to a site that we built a while back.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

Tails for Whales

Tails was whales has been a huge success, and we’ve loved working on it. And now we’re making it even better.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

Snapshot of our latest work

Here are a few of the projects that have been keeping us busy lately

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

Oooh we’ve been busy little ants...

Would you like to see what we’ve been doing lately? From inspiring kids to read to launching the new Kleenex website, it’s all here.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

New work on Beautyheaven update

The latest release of Beauty Heaven is part of a number of changes that we’ve been making to the site to improve functionality and performance - faster, higher and that sort of stuff.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

Earth Hour 2008

Last March, Sydney had an event called Earth Hour. Teaming up with Leo Burnett, we designed and built the website for what has become an iconic event across the world.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

Building a meaningful forum

Thought goes into building a good solid forum, especially one with high traffic (like the one we built for Huggies). Here are some things to consider.

Ben Still 13 Jun 2009

Sign up forms are tricky to do well

Ryan Singer talks about 10 different ways to do sign up forms.

Ben Still 23 Dec 2008

A good visual design brief

A well written brief is all sorts of good. We explain why and what to consider when writing your own.

Ben Still 13 Aug 2008

ie5- is there anybody out there?

Are any humans still actually using IE5? Or is it just bots