Digital Strategy

Having a solid digital strategy is essential if your project is to be successful. At Red Ant, we like to get to know our clients and offer our technical expertise when it comes to digital strategy, planning and facilitation.

Here are some of the key things our strategy team will look at when approaching a new project:

Ben Still 19 Dec 2013

The WordPress Effect

The growth of tools like Wordpress have had a massive impact on the web development market. It’s created two very distinct areas with a huge gap between.

Ben Still 17 Sep 2013

Doing it on the small screen doesn’t always mean a mobile App. Actually it probably shouldn’t.

Most of our projects now have over 50% mobile traffic. So mobile strategy is becoming increasingly important

Ben Still 16 Sep 2013

Fast follower strategy DOA?

Five reasons why we think your fast follower strategy might not work out so well.

Ben Still 04 Oct 2012

Mobile first – 5 key constraints on mobile devices

Get ahead by going ‘mobile first’. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges we face when doing so.

Sam Bauers 30 Mar 2012

Bypassing the sign up hurdle with super-soft joins

How we use super-soft joins to interact with users on personal subjects.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

Visualising your online customer funnel

Refine your user experience and create better ROI by taking an internal look at what happens when your customer visits your site.

Ben Still 13 Jul 2009

But is it viral?

Viral – doing it right. We analyse 2 website that are using viral as part of their big push for consumer love and affection.